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Song Of The Week #6

Sorry guys – I know I’ve been less than reliable with regards to the post-schedules. But hey, we are all susceptible to a bad case of procrastination every now and then, aren’t we?

Here we go:

Telekinesis – Coast Of Carolina 

Telekinesis, our dear friends at Wikipedia tell us, is the musical talent of indie rocker Michael Benjamin Lerner, based out of Seattle. Shortly after being signed to Merge Records in 2009, the band released their debut album Telekinesis! on april 7 of the same year. The album was produced and mixed with the help of Death Cab For Cutie’s Chris Walla.
To be completely honest, I have absolutely no idea how this band came to my attention. It seems to me that I simply woke up one day to discover this song on my Ipod.
One more thing: I swear to you it is a complete coincidence that this song is on The Vampire Diaries. Trust me, I don’t watch shows like that.
 – Jonathan
Edit: If anyone has any information regarding how to fix the layout, please help me out. As you can see, the text is all squished together and I can’t seem to fix it.Thnx!

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Pick-me-up Song #1

“Always laugh when you can. It’s cheap medicine.”

– Lord Byron

Oh, how so very true. It may be hard sometimes to remember the good when one is drowning in that (all-to-familliar) sea named Sorrow, but in order to move on it is vitally important that we do not let these small ‘slips’ bring us down. Everyone can use a little pick-me-up every now and then, and it is for exactly that purpose I set up these posts.

There’s nothing like a good, cheerful  song to get you up ‘n’ running again.

U2 – Beautiful Day


Listen here.

Cheers to the bright side of things!

– Jonathan

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Song Of The Week #5

As strange as it may sound, one of the influencing factors of the Song Of The Week posts is the album cover. This is mainly due to two reasons.

The first and foremost: an interesting, attention-grabbing album artwork makes me want to gawk at it more. In order to successfully gawk at said art, I must have the song it belongs to playing. The mixture of beautiful art and heavenly music is so amazing, it forces me to put the song on replay, thus creating my next earworm. Is everyone following? No? That’s fine – I am well aware that most readers hardly read through any whole article and instead choose to skip to the best part, which in the case of a music blog is the music.

The second reason: I don’t want to post a song with a hideous album cover. This automatically makes my post look hideous.

Radical Face – Welcome Home

ImageI have unfortunately found very little information regarding Radical Face. What articles I did manage to find were scarce in facts and very hazy about details. From what I can piece together though:

Radical Face is Ben Cooper, a singer/songwriter hailing from Jacksonville, Florida. They released their debut album The Junkyard Chandelier in 2003 and went on to record two more albums alongside two EPs.

‘Welcome Home’ is the second track on their sophomore album Ghost, released in March of 2007.

Listen to the song and view the video here.

Thank you for the attention and enjoy!

– Jonathan

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Artist Worth Noting #3

I’ve always liked ‘sibling bands’. By a ‘sibling band’ I mean to say a band which, for some reason or other, is related to another band. They are a small taste of the original, with a (most of the time) delicious twist. The curse these bands suffer though, is that of living in the shadow of the more successful original act.

I could name a dozen such bands, but then I’d have nothing more to blog about. That wouldn’t be so pleasant (for me anyway). So for now let me stick with

Trading YesterdayImage

After leaving Evanescence in 2002, former keyboardist and backing vocalist David Hodges went on to pursue other musical interests. Roughly a year later he (along with drummer Mark Colbert) founded the alternative rock band Trading Yesterday.

The band has since released three albums and has changed their name to The Age Of Information. The reason I give their name as Trading Yesterday is simple: for me, The Age Of Information is not worth mentioning. David Hodge’s best, most-touching work was during Trading Yesterday days. TAOI has deviated from the original in such a way that Trading Yesterday is practically ‘dead’. What a shame. But who knows, the new music may grow on me yet.

Listen to ‘Love Song Requiem’ off their 2nd studio album More Than This here.

Thank you – until the next post!

– Jonathan

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