Song Of The Week #14

Thom Yorke – Black Swan

Despite everyone having said how amazingly great Radiohead is, I never actually cared for them. I went through a couple of their albums, and only two or three tunes managed to catch my attention. Upon discovering this song however, I’ve been convinced to give them another chance – Radiohead seems to like playing around with bizarre sounds, and that somehow catches my attention.

For those of you who care to know, Radiohead is a five-piece band hailing from England. After having released their debut album Pablo Honey in 1993, they enjoyed worldwide success, eventually leading them to the position they now hold.

Black Swan is the 4th track on lead singer Thom Yorke’s solo album The Eraser.

Listen here.


– Jonathan

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4 thoughts on “Song Of The Week #14

  1. praguebeats says:

    Hey Jonathan, I grew up on Radiohead and they were and still are one of my favourtie groups. Their albums have always been pushing the current boundaries and Thom Yorke’s song writing abilities are second to none. If you like this track black swan try youtubing “videotape by Thom Yorke” There is a live version with just him and a piano – it is incredible and if you aren’t moved by that then I think you will just never like Radiohead! 🙂 There are so many songs – Lucky, Fake plastic trees, Paranoid Android, Backdrifts, Creep, Street spirit, Let down, Exit Music, the Gloaming so so many… Everything in its right place! They are geniuses!! 🙂

    • musicblog95 says:

      Videotape by Thom Yorke? Sounds promising, there’s nothing I love more than a piano/vocal performance! Yes, I’ve listened to Creep, but I’ll be sure to check out your suggestions as well! Agreed, they are talented!

  2. bherstig says:

    Not only is this a great song, but Radiohead is one of the most innovative bands out there.

    Sonically they never stay in one place. Hearing 1 Radiohead album doesn’t mean you’ll have any clue what the next one will sound like. That works for, and against them, at times. But they have a dizzying number of truly original and engaging songs.

    As a commercial enterprise, I love that they are willing to scrap everything and release an album on their website for “pay as much as you think it’s worth”. In Rainbows was a pretty darn good album and they ended up doing quite well – disproving the notion that everyone steals everything on the web and that you can’t make money releasing your own music without a major label.

    And these guys never play it safe. Thom & company are experimenting with instrumentation, recording, feedback – everything. You may not always like it, but they’re helping to push the boundaries of music today.

    OK Computer is still one of my all time favorite albums, followed closely by Kid A.

    I LOVE this pick…

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