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Song Of The Week #37

An orgy in my ears. That’s really all that can be said.

Iron & Wine – Boy With A Coin

Boy With A Coin - Single

Samuel Beam, better known under his stage name Iron And Wine, is – to put it mildly  – an acoustic folk genius. Rhythmic handclaps carpeted by serene vocals, heavy bass drums and soft harmonies. Yes, this is the stuff music is made of.

I first came across this group a couple of years ago, after a friend of mine lent me their hard drive. I admit, it wasn’t love at first sight (hearing?), as back then I was more into the whole house and trance scene and this wasn’t exactly what I’d asked for when I said “hey, got some music to share?” In any case, I definitely don’t regret discovering them – far from it. Also, I’m in love with their album artwork.

Iron Wine has to date released four studio albums alongside several Eps and singles.

Boy With A Coin is the ninth track off their third album The Shepherd’s Dog, released September 25, 2008.


–  Jonathan

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Song Of The Week #36

Enough of idle small talk, let’s get down to business… and boogying!

Northeast Party House – Pascal Cavalier


Today’s funky tune is presented to you by Northeast Party House, a six-piece party band from melbourne. After having begun playing various warehouses in 2010, the group quickly built itself a solid fan base due to their high energy live shows.

Few songs have the magic effect that this one has on me. The groovy bass line and funky guitar lines at the opening seem to command my body to move – to sway side to side and dance, as the popular expression puts it, like no one’s watching. Which is mostly the case when I dance: Anyone who sees me bust out my moves shies away and averts their eyes. I don’t blame them, my dancing usually isn’t a sight most people appreciate.

The band has yet to release an LP, though they are aiming for 2013 (“it all depends on how quickly we can write some good tracks”). Their eponymous debut EP of 2011, however, has already left positive marks in the music world.

Pascal Cavalier was released as a single on July 13, 2012.


 – Jonathan

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Song Of The Week #35

Oh YouTube, how many times more must I thank you for the lovely tunes you bring my way?

Funeral Suits – All Those Friendly People

Lily Of The Valley

Sometimes, wearing weird-ass (yet still somehow cool) animal masks can be rewarding – indeed, the masks were the only things that caught my attention when I saw the link to the music video. The music, however, that’s what I stayed for. I didn’t really have a choice – it was hypnotizing.

Funeral Suits is an Irish alternative rock band consisting of Brian James, Mik McKeogh, Greg McCarthy and Dar Grant. The band formed themselves in 2008, but only released their debut single ‘Colour Fade’ sometime in  2011 and with their debut album following thereafter, in June of 2012. The album itself was produced by Stephen Smith – perhaps better known for his work with The Smiths and Blur.

According to their homepage, their “shared love of epic, distorted guitars, blistering harmonius pop, art rock and
electronica [has] led to the band spending the best part of two years holed up in a disused office space in deepest North County Dublin, writing, rehearsing and at times venturing out to play as special guests for Franz Ferdinand, Passion Pit, The Maccabees, Local Natives amongst others.”

Not bad, not bad at all.

All Those Friendly People is the fifth track on their debut Lily Of The Valley.


 – Jonathan

P.s: Shout out to Amy of the blog musicpianoplaying, she will be featuring this blog as a music blog of the week. Thanks Amy!

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Song Of The Week #34

Ladies and Gents, I now have the honor of introducing:

Bastille – Flaws (Secret Sessions)


Those closest to me know I’m an absolute sucker for female vocals. Having said that, it takes an awful lot for me to fall in love with a male voice. Few make the list, and I think it’s safe to say this group definitely made it.

Bastille is an english band that formed in 2010. Originally the solo work of vocalist Dan Smith, the band eventually branched out to become a four-piece.

The group is still relatively new, having only released their debut single in June of 2011. Their debut album Bad Blood is yet to be released in March 4 of this year (can’t wait!).

Flaws is a song from their upcoming debut that was released digitally on October 19 of last year.

Listen a beautiful acoustic gig here.


 – Jonathan

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Song Of The Week #33

And yet another Into The Wild-related post. Well honestly, who can blame me? It’s a tremendously inspiring film.

Eddie Vedder – Society


This film has got to be one of my top films of all time. An amazing soundtrack, a touching story, and several inspiring lessons learnt throughout – it just doesn’t get better.

Into The Wild is the first solo album of Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder.

Now I don’t know much about Pearl Jam, but from what I’ve gathered, they’re supposed to be a very popular grundge-y, rock band that started in the 90’s. After the amazing work Vedder did for Into The Wild – a collection of eleven beautiful, folk-inspired tunes – I just may get into them.

Society is a cover of the Jerry Hannan song of the same name, and is track eight of the Into The Wild soundtrack album.

Listen to it here.


– Jonathan

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Song Of The Week #32

“Come on Alex, you can do it! Come on Alex, there’s nothin’ to it!”

Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #2 (Laika)


Arcade Fire. Many would argue this band is perversely overrated, others that they are far too underrated. I tend to be neutral – there is only one rule to my music taste: If I like it, then I goddamn like it and don’t give a crap if anyone thinks they’re overrated or not. ‘Nuff said.

Arcade Fire is a canadian 7-piece indie rock band consisting of members Win Butler, Régine Chassagne, Will Butler, Richard Reed Parry, Tim Kingsbury, Jeremy Gara, and Sarah Neufeld. According to the Rolling Stone, “Arcade Fire is led by the husband-wife team of Win Butler  and Régine Chassagne. They met in 2003, when Chassagne was singing at an art exhibit, and it wasn’t long before they knew they wanted to make music together. Other participants fell into their orbit and Arcade Fire was born.”

After releasing their debut Funerals in 2004, which received a widely positive range of criticism, Arcade Fire went on to create two more, with their last – The Suburbs – eventually garnering them the Album Of The Year for the 2011 Grammys.

Another reason I absolutely love this tune is because it’s dedicated to Christopher Mccandless. Thanks for the inspiration, Alexander Supertramp!

The Neighborhood #2 (Laika) is from the band’s debut album Funerals, and is it’s second single.

Listen here.


 – Jonathan

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