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Song Of The Week #54

Anyone who’s a close friend of mine knows I am a complete sucker for cover songs. This next one was practically my most-played track a year back.

Wicked Games – Coeur de Pirate

Cœur De Pirate

Never in the history of music has the word ‘f*ck’ sounded so beautiful as when sung by Béatrice Martin, better known under her stage name Coeur de Pirate (“Pirate Heart”).

Béatrice’s story is interesting in that she was meant to follow her mother’s footsteps in becoming a classical pianist, got sick of that and decided what the hell, it’s time to live on the streets. After some time doing that though, she realised she did want to pursue a career in music and became Coeur de Pirate. In 2009, her self-titled debut album boosted in popularity when a YouTube video using one of her songs turned viral, leading to some media coverage on Good Morning America and a positive review by Perez Hilton.

I guess the moral of the story here is that when in doubt, there are two things you need to do: 1) Drop everything and live on the streets and 2) Become famous.

That aside though, this cover of The Weeknd is brilliantly haunting and beautiful – one of my favourites.


 – Jonathan

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Song Of The Week #46

So I was reviewing my stats from last year and apparently my most popular post is still my very first post –  Top Ten Covers. It turns out, covers are still a big subject on the internet and I thought, why not renew the topic again?

Midnight City – Trails And Ways

No Wisdom & Midnight City

This is easily one of my favourite cover works. Seriously, ‘eargasmic’ is the appropriate word.

Trails & Ways are an Oakland-based four-piece that focuses on bassanova dream pop. The group gained widespread (and well-deserved) popularity due to their fantastic covers – having covered ‘Animal’ by Miike Snow, ‘Nunca’ by Ghost Beach and ‘Sure Things’ by Miguel, Trails and Ways practically took the blogosphere by storm, spreading on the indie charts like wildfire and impressing many.

Midnight City is a cover of the M83 song of the same name, and is found on Trails & Way’s ‘Sure Thing’ single.


 – Jonathan

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Piano Acoustic Session #1

For me, the piano has always been a magical  instrument. I love everything from the way it looks to the satisfactory feeling of your fingertips resting on it’s sea of black-and-white keys. When I hear one, playing in the distance, my feet stop and I get lost in my mind, concentrating on nothing else but the beautiful sound of the piano.

Needless to say, my favourite live performances consist of mostly piano-acoustic music. These versions appeal to me because of their simplicity –  put away all that electronic garble and we are forced to actually listen to the song. We see, or rather hear, the song’s true beauty through this intimate form of music.

Having said that much, let me introduce to you the ‘Piano Acoustic Sessions’. Within these, I will present a number of my favourite acoustic songs. Do feel free to suggest your favourites too!

Used To Love U (Piano Acoustic Live)- John Legend

John legend, recipient of nine Grammy Awards and 2007 recipient of the special Starlight award from the Songwriters Hall of Fame is…well, what else? A legend. A musical genius and beast on the piano, this man knows how to do his thing right. As pointed out by a YouTube commenter: “If the piano were a person, or more specifically a woman, it would’ve experienced multiple orgasms while he played it.”

If only I could play half as well..

Lost? (Acoustic) – Coldplay

Lost! is a wonderful song by that wonderful English band Coldplay. The song has a variety of versions: We’ve got Lost! album version, Lost@ Live Version, Lost+ with a rap verse (by none other than Jay-Z) and finally…Lost? the acoustic experience. Coldplay has alway been one of my top bands. They never fail to disappoint.

Great guys plus great music – what can possibly go wrong?

Yellow – Sara Bareilles

On hindsight, this would have gone well in the ‘Top Ten Covers’ post. A beautiful and stunning performance by american singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles. I fell in love with this performance instantly. There may be some who argue the beginning is quite boring, but I beg to disagree.

It is (in the words of Jim Carrey) ‘BE-A-U-TIFUL’. (Thank You Jim Carrey – I shall never misspell that word again). Sara’s vocals deliver a powerful, new tone to the song that leaves you wanting more.

Need You Now (feat. Lisa Lavie) – David Sides 

I never cared for the original ‘Need You Now’. The song was nice, but all-in-all overplayed. I heard it everywhere: the radio, the mall – every public place imaginable. After discovering that my favourite YouTube artist David Sides (you’ll be hearing more from him through my posts in the future!) covered it however, I decided the song wasn’t as bad as I thought. I’d still rather be seen listening to this cover than the original though.. A beautiful piano arrangement – David Sides is simply amazing.

Apologise – Tamar Kaprelian

A few years back OneRepublic opened a contest where the fans  had the chance to submit their personal version of the hit ‘Apologise’. Among the swarms of videos and YouTube links sent, this was the cover that stood out and ultimately caught the attention of Colorado-based band OneRepublic. Beautiful version, amazing vocals.

Thanks for reading, be sure to tell us what your favourites are!
Oh and I’d just like to mention(it may not be obvious – sure wasn’t for me): The YouTube links are given. Simply click on the title to have yourself sent into acoustic bliss!

– Jonathan

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