Song Of The Week #55

And so here we are, roughly one year later. My game may be a little rusty, but that isn’t stopping me. It’s kind of like riding a bike – you can’t exactly forget how to write.

Brandt Rhapsodie – Benjamin Biolay et Jeanne Cherhal


Calming synths and relaxing beats, with light guitar phrases and phantom piano melodies peppered throughout, all quietly throbbing in the background while Biolay and Cherhal deliver their lovers’ dialogue.

This tune haunts, and definitely leaves you wanting more.

Benjamin Biolay is, among other things, a musician and actor hailing from Villefranche-sur-Saône, a town in the vicinity of Lyon, France. Having grown up with an amateur clarinetist as a father, he eventually proceeded to take up music in college as well, ultimately paving his way for a serious music career.

Brandt Rhapsodie is the eleventh track on Biolay’s fifth album La Superbe.

Note: the song starts at 43:25. Sorry, this was the only soundcloud link available.


– Jonathan

p.s. It’ good to be back.


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Announcement – Blog Up and Running Again

So today marks exactly one year since this blog went on a somewhat unplanned hiatus. Just the other day, I was stumbling through other music blogs and I wondered ‘hey, whatever happened to your blog – how’d that happen, why’d you stop?’

I came by this site for a quick check-up and it seems my thoughts came to me at the right time, because the last post I wrote was exactly one year ago. I’m guessing it was a sort of subconscious timer that went off in my mind. “Beep beep, you’ve got a blog to run. One year’s more than long enough for a break.”

Honestly, I just miss blogging, writing, and basically sharing music. So I’m going to go back to doing that.

Here’s to seeing more of you guys in the weeks to come.


– Jonathan

Song Of The Week #54

Anyone who’s a close friend of mine knows I am a complete sucker for cover songs. This next one was practically my most-played track a year back.

Wicked Games – Coeur de Pirate

Cœur De Pirate

Never in the history of music has the word ‘f*ck’ sounded so beautiful as when sung by Béatrice Martin, better known under her stage name Coeur de Pirate (“Pirate Heart”).

Béatrice’s story is interesting in that she was meant to follow her mother’s footsteps in becoming a classical pianist, got sick of that and decided what the hell, it’s time to live on the streets. After some time doing that though, she realised she did want to pursue a career in music and became Coeur de Pirate. In 2009, her self-titled debut album boosted in popularity when a YouTube video using one of her songs turned viral, leading to some media coverage on Good Morning America and a positive review by Perez Hilton.

I guess the moral of the story here is that when in doubt, there are two things you need to do: 1) Drop everything and live on the streets and 2) Become famous.

That aside though, this cover of The Weeknd is brilliantly haunting and beautiful – one of my favourites.


 – Jonathan

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Song Of The Week #53

I would have you know that as I write this I am attempting to control some rather wild laughter. God, how does one forget to post after a month? This isn’t even the first time this has happened, mind you. And if Im entirely honest, probably not the last either. God, Im horrible with consistency. That aside though, lets listen to:

I’m Not Human At All (Live) – Sleep Party People


Sleep Party People is, as their Facebook page so puts it, “the brainchild of Brian Batz, a Danish multi-instrumentalist with a boundless imagination”. Having started off as the solo project of Batz, he then later added up four more people for live shows and became a quintet. A quintet with a fancy for creepy bunny masks and hoodies.

With inspirations ranging from Lynch to Satie, Batz creates tunes which border on magical and dreamlike – all-in-all, the group showcases some pretty eerie, hypnotic and dark instrumental/ambient stuff. One reviewer at Sputnikmusic likes to describe Sleep Party People as ‘very dynamic lullabies for the twisted’, which I find hits the spot perfectly. Twisted lullabies, a tinge of M83 and some melodic My Bloody Valentine traces and voila – Sleep Party People is born.

I’m Not Human At All is on their album Chin.

Listen to it on the live Copenhagen X Sessions here.


 – Jonathan

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Song Of The Week #52

Ooh. This is good. Thisisgoodthisisgoodthisisgood.

Something About Us – Dr Fresch

Something About Us

With all the hype surrounding Daft Punk’s new album coming out, people seem to be dropping the remixes left and right. But with this particular one I’m definitely not complaining.

I’m just loving the overall chill summer vibe of this tune. Already I can imagine myself getting home, kicking off my shoes, sitting down on my couch, grabbing some kind of ice cold beverage and sipping the night away – all the while having this playing on the speakers in the background.

Yeah, I think I’ll do just that.

Something about us is a cover of the Daft Punk song, which appeared on their second album Discovery.


 – Jonathan

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Song Of The Week #51

Quite recently I managed to catch a showing of The Great Gatsby in cinemas, and must say the soundtrack did not disappoint.

Together – The xx

The Great Gatsby

Apparently Baz Luhrmann and his right-hand music man Anton Monsted have been massive fans of the xx for a while now.When Luhrmann and Monsted approached them regarding some musical contribution, they were completely fine with using a song out of the band’s (at the time) new album – and then they were pleasantly surprised to find the xx throw them this pretty tune out of nowhere.

As stated by Monsted, they were so happy with the tune it’s basically “peppered throughout the fabric of the underscore.”

Together is the tenth track on the soundtrack album to Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby.


 – Jonathan

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Song Of The Week #50

This one should be  familiar to anyone who follows AMC’s the Walking Dead.

Civilian – Wye Oak


More specifically, anyone who’s seen “Triggerfinger”, Episode 9, Season 2.

You can say what you want about a lot of TV series, but one undeniable fact is that most of the time they are a great source for music – just look at The O.C, How To Make It In America, Scrubs and Chuck. At any rate, series are no doubt one of my personal favourite ways of discovering music, next to google searches gone wrong and mistaken clicks on strange links.

Wye Oak are an indie folk rock duo from the US.

Civilian is the fifth track to their debut album of the same name.


 – Jonathan

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Song Of The Week #49

I had a hard time deciding which song to post, seeing as these guys have such a wide arsenal of kick-ass songs to choose from.

Monogamy –  I Heart Sharks


In the end I opted to go for the song that originally introduced me to them.

I Heart Sharks is a German/British indietronica three-piece consisting of vocalist Pierre Bee, guitarist Simon Wangemann and drummer Georg Steinmaier. After having released a couple of  singles and supported acts such as Cobra Starship and Friendly Fire, the electro-indie group released their debut Summers in October 0f 2011 to mostly positive reviews.

You don’t know it, but this is what you’re actually looking for when you go hunting down throbbing rhythms and stormy synth-lead tunes.

Monogomy is the second track on their album Summers.


 – Jonathan

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Song Of The Week #48

Today’s earworm:

Bizness – tUnE-yArDs


Tune-yards is the musical prowess of New England lo-fi songwriter Merrill Garbus. After releasing her 2009 debut BiRd-BrAiNs (recorded via handheld voice recorder) to a wide pallet of positive praise, Garbus managed to sign up to record label 4AD (to which the Pixies were signed) and afterwards launch her sophomore LP WhoKill in 2011.

Seeing as how the track showcases some severe African influence via robust and bold singing coupled with big thunder-drum booms and tribal beats, it probably doesn’t come off as a surprise that Garbus spent her college years in Kenya. To study pirates. Instead however, she chose to bless us with tUnE-yArDs – a group that’s as fun to listen to as it is to type out (yeah, not really, but what they do in quirky spelling they  make up for with fantastic music).

Bizness is the sixth track on WhoKill.


 – Jonathan

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Song Of The Week #47

So today I feel like snatching a song from another blog, because that’s how much I like it.

Purple Yellow Red and Blue – Portugal. The Man


Portugal. The Man enthusiasts rejoice – the alaskan psych-rock group has just dropped their second single from their upcoming Evil Friends album (set for release in June 4 of this year).

I’ve always enjoyed Portugal. The Man, and this track I’m glad to say doesn’t disappoint in heightening the PTM experience – Purple Yellow Red Blue is a pop-funk tune that just screams for attention with it’s infectious drum snap, falsetto cries and groovy bass lines.

A happy to thanks to The Sound Of Flying Kiwi for the  introduction, and be sure to check the blog out – great site, it’s pretty much blasphemy it doesn’t have more followers.

Purple Yellow Red Blue is the second single off Portugal. The Man’s upcoming album Evil Friends.


 – Jonathan

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