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Song Of The Week #55

And so here we are, roughly one year later. My game may be a little rusty, but that isn’t stopping me. It’s kind of like riding a bike – you can’t exactly forget how to write.

Brandt Rhapsodie – Benjamin Biolay et Jeanne Cherhal


Calming synths and relaxing beats, with light guitar phrases and phantom piano melodies peppered throughout, all quietly throbbing in the background while Biolay and Cherhal deliver their lovers’ dialogue.

This tune haunts, and definitely leaves you wanting more.

Benjamin Biolay is, among other things, a musician and actor hailing from Villefranche-sur-Saône, a town in the vicinity of Lyon, France. Having grown up with an amateur clarinetist as a father, he eventually proceeded to take up music in college as well, ultimately paving his way for a serious music career.

Brandt Rhapsodie is the eleventh track on Biolay’s fifth album La Superbe.

Note: the song starts at 43:25. Sorry, this was the only soundcloud link available.


– Jonathan

p.s. It’ good to be back.


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Announcement – Blog Up and Running Again

So today marks exactly one year since this blog went on a somewhat unplanned hiatus. Just the other day, I was stumbling through other music blogs and I wondered ‘hey, whatever happened to your blog – how’d that happen, why’d you stop?’

I came by this site for a quick check-up and it seems my thoughts came to me at the right time, because the last post I wrote was exactly one year ago. I’m guessing it was a sort of subconscious timer that went off in my mind. “Beep beep, you’ve got a blog to run. One year’s more than long enough for a break.”

Honestly, I just miss blogging, writing, and basically sharing music. So I’m going to go back to doing that.

Here’s to seeing more of you guys in the weeks to come.


– Jonathan

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